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The official account that is required by the apple device users in order to deal with the services of the various devices is famous among the users by the name of the icloud account.So if you want to set up your device properly then you must have this icloud account on your device and antutu samsung score for that you first of all have to create a new apple ID or the address and there are some of the simple steps that are needed to create a new apple address.
The moment you are done with that you will get the apple email address and the password and with the help of it you can easily login to that account to use it.And then you have to go through the further steps in order to set up that account on your device, these steps could easily be known by calling on the icloud toll free number.
So the simple steps to do so are explained below in the proper manner:-
Here at the very first step you need to open your device and then
you have to move to the settings option onto your device
followed by tapping on the apple antutu ( ID banner of your iphone
Once you do so then you have to move ahead by scrolling down and then tapping on the device in order to view it or apple remove it from your icloud account
after that you have to tap on the remove from the account option
and then you have to simply scroll down to the back up and then you have to tap on the details like the name, antutu score phone numbers and email
after that you have to simply tap on the password and the security option
and at the end you have to tap on the payment and the shipping option in order to finish the process
once you do as written above you will be able to set up this account for any of your apple device i.e iphone or the ipad
and one plus these are even the easy methods to set up the account, you can easily follow them.
But sometimes it happen that after doing as stated above also you will not be able to set up the account since you may be feeling a lot many issues and hence you have no other option than to contact the icloud tech support for the help.By contacting the techies from the company you will be able to connect to the person who has the deep knowledge about the features of the various devices and hence could provide the easy and the quick solution to the problems that are faced by the users normally.So you need not waste your time anywhere else and benchmark should try to directly contact the right person to get all the required assistance in no time.
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